Women + adolescents

Sponsorship of projects for women and adolescents

The foundation supports projects which contribute to an improvement in living conditions for disadvantaged women and adolescents regardless of their religious and ethnic affiliation. The projects should boost the self-confidence of the persons concerned, stimulate their holistic development, respect their dignity and motivate and empower them for self-help. The projects should follow the principle of sustainability.

Main focuses in terms of content are education, health, creation of income, raising awareness and empowerment:

  • reading and writing, further education (special primary and secondary education)
  • home economics, craft and technical courses
  • special education for women
  • basic health
  • provision and distribution of potable water
  • nutrition improvement
  • family planning
  • alternative medicine
  • AIDS prevention
Creation of income
  • savings and credit promotion (consumer lending)
  • keeping of small animals, animal husbandry
  • market gardening etc.
  • afforestation, surveying and road construction projects
Raising awareness and empowerment
  • strengthening and organising women's groups in order to improve their social, legal, political and economic position
  • measures for protection against repression, the imparting of knowledge and assistance in pursuing their own interests
  • information exchange and building a network of organisations (local, national and international)

The foundation may also advice other persons or organisations with similar aims with their work as well as convey and develop alternative plans and concepts for development work.

Restrictions on sponsorship

Direct payments to individuals are excluded, as is immediate humanitarian aid in terms of food distribution and other disaster measures as well as construction projects.