Organ culture

Sponsorship of organ building and organ culture

When the term "organ" is used in the following, it refers to the traditional pipe organ. The Foundation focuses exclusively on organs of above-average quality and on events with these organs. The Foundation's services are intended in particular to further publicise organ culture.

After 17 years of supporting numerous new organ building and restoration projects as well as extensive training and event projects in connection with organ culture in Switzerland and abroad, from June 2024 the Foundation will now only support its own projects, i.e. those submitted to the Foundation Board by the Foundation's organ consultant. Applications submitted directly to the Foundation by third parties will be rejected without stating the reason. We thank you for your understanding of this organisational step. It is intended to enable a concentrated use of the limited funds in favour of a high level of publicity for organ culture.

We would like to thank the applicant organisations for their many years of excellent cooperation! During this time, we have been able to support around 140 exciting projects with contributions totalling over 1.3 MCHF, making some activities possible in the first place.


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