Aid requests

How we work

The foundation council and the secretariate work voluntarily. In general the meetings of the foundation council take place three times a year: in March, June and November.

Requests for project sponsorship

In most cases the foundation council will be active itself. Nevertheless, it is possible to submit individual requests. The foundation is not obliged to deal with the submitted requests. Sponsorship may be refused without giving any reason.

Treatment of requests

For a request to be dealt with at the next meeting of the foundation council, it has to reach the president completely documented 45 days before the meeting takes place.

Procedure for requests

For the requests, please use the request form. You will find request form and explanations here (in German).

The form has to be printed, filled in and submitted to the foundation. You will help us to keep the administrative expenses at a minimum if you fill in the document at your PC and send it to us both printed with your original signature via mail and as a .docx-file (not .pdf) via e-mail for internal handling. Requests sent via e-mail only are not dealt with.

For organ projects, an additional questionnaire (in German) has to be filled in, if applicable.


More details to the three purposes of our foundation:

Woman + adolescents

Sponsorship of projects for women and adolescents

Organ building + culture

Sponsorship of organ building and organ culture

Sustainable Ecology

Sponsorship of the improvement of ecological sustainability